General Information

Campus Goals

Holmsley will be a child centered school focusing on individual strengths and supporting all areas of need. We strive to challenge all students by utilizing higher-level questioning strategies and problem solving. We want to provide a safe, loving environment where all children are successful.

Holmsley’s Vision

At Holmsley Elementary, we do “Whatever It Takes” to develop successful and productive lifelong learners.

Curriculum - Elementary

  • CFISD elementary schools are comprised of students in grades K-5. Students who qualify for the Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities or for Pre-kindergarten are bused to sites that provide these programs.
  • Core subjects at the elementary level include reading, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, technology applications, health, physical education, art, music, and theatre arts.
  • Every campus faculty includes the following members: counselor(s), nurse, diagnostician, speech and language clinician, dyslexia specialists, reading specialist(s), and content-area liaisons, as well as specially trained/certified teachers in the following areas: art, music, physical education, technology applications, English as a Second Language, and gifted education.
  • The District's HORIZONS program is for academically-gifted students. In kindergarten, gifted instruction is provided in language arts and mathematics. In grades 1-5, the program addresses the four foundation areas: language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.
  • CFISD's Bilingual and ESL programs provide additional support in English language development for students who have a home language other than English and who have been identified as limited-English-proficient.
  • Elementary schools in Cypress-Fairbanks also feature enrichment activities such as student clubs, tutorial sessions, cultural arts programs, academic competitions, and field trips.
  • Report cards are issued every nine weeks. Academic progress reports are sent to parents after the fourth week of each grading period.


880 students as of May 30, 2019.


(as indicated in the 2018-19 AEIS Report)

  • HISPANIC - 64.7%
  • WHITE - 13.2%
  • ASIAN - 5.8%
  • TWO OR MORE RACES - 3.1%

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