Name That Book Winning Team

March 22, 2017

Congratulations to the following Name That Book team members! They made it to the School Wide competition on February 9th. These amazing readers committed to reading 100 books for this contest. Way to go, Super Readers! This year our Third Grade Team will represent Holmsley at the Berry Center on February 27th. They really are “The Legendary Six”

3rd Grade:

  • Emily Teoh
  • Catharina Ewing
  • Yvonne Guichet
  • Jordan Orbe
  • Nadia Schelsteder
  • Rebekah Warring

4th Grade

  • Luke Warring
  • Dwayne Brocken
  • Darryl Brocken
  • Natalia Aragon Nava
  • Vivian Lam
  • Alyssa VanPortfleet

5th Grade

  • Zayra Peres
  • August Campbell
  • Rodrigo Reyes
  • Dkwon Marsh
  • Alivia Hale
  • Lydia Njome


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