Schools Participate In Third Annual EveryArtist Live! Event

November 2, 2015


Artist Brendan O’Connell works with Holmsley Elementary School fourth-grade student Helen Nguyen on a drawing that fits the theme, “What fuels your creativity?,” during the third annual Everyartist Live! event on Oct. 29.

Nov. 2, 2015—CFISD schools joined a national celebration of art making in the third annual Everyartist Live! event on Oct. 29, designed to help raise awareness of the importance of art.

Created by renowned artist Brendan O’Connell, the annual kid’s creativity day brings together young artists to spark human creativity. More than 400,000 children in 46 states participated in the events over the past two years.


Sarah Sanders, CFISD art coordinator, works with Holmsley fourth-grade students (L-R) Marco Castillo, Darren Ho and Sebby Basta during Everyartist Live! on Oct. 29.

The theme of the 2015 event, sponsored in Texas by H-E-B, is “What fuels your creativity?” Students throughout the district created art following this theme, similar to a preview event at the H-E-B Market at Tuckerton store on Sept. 2.

“I am extremely proud of the quality of student work and the support of our schools in helping every student to understand the importance of self-expression and creativity in how they think, write and produce artwork,” said Sarah Sanders, CFISD art coordinator. “‘What Fuels Your Creativity?’ as a topic allowed students to put a different spin on everyday thoughts.”

For more information, visit the EveryArtist website.


Holmsley fourth-grade students, from left, Jacklyn Huynh, Jacob May, Marco Castillo, Sebby Basta and Darren Ho enjoy their Everyartist Live! project.


Holmsley Elementary School art teacher Melanie Smith works with fourth-grade student Hilda Razo-Limas during Everyartist Live! on Oct. 29.


Students at Tipps Elementary School created artwork from the prompt “My favorite teacher is a Superhero because…” under the guidance of art teacher Tracy Holan during Everyartist Live!

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